City My City
Gender Male
Car Yellow Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
Recruitable Yes

Velvet is a yellow car that lives in My City. Velvet joined My City when Brian the firefighter built his fire station (you do not have to tell Velvet about My City). Velvet seems to know a lot about Brian, and he even said that during the nights the firefighter has nightmares about fires. This is related to Brian giving you a body in his sleep.


  • "You know, I like to wander around, exploring different places. I was driving around the city, and I found a nice fire station. I like its delicate design. When I visited the place at night, the fireman was having a nightmare, yelling, "Fire!" in his sleep. I'm a little worried."
  • (before recruiting him) "With all this wandering, I've raced in various places. But I still don't have a team. So, I want to ask you, will you let me join your team?"
  • (declining his teammate request) "Oh, I see. Well, I'll manage to race without a team."
  • (having been recruited) "Thanks! I race a lot, so I think I'll be a great asset."
  • (whilst on your team) "Oh, I need to ask you. What do you think of me as your teammate? Am I too excited? I'm just happy to join a team."
  • "See you later!"


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