City Noise City
Gender Female
Car Blue/White Austin Mini

Vitta is the babysitter of her apartment, she kept the guitar that Bunta wanted, she gives it to you and gave it to him.


  • What floor would you like to go to?
  • Did you want something from me? Are you having any problems? Not really, but... Oh, the other day, I found this cool guitar. I wonder who's it is. If there's someone that's looking for a guitar, tell me, okay.
  • Oh, hey hey. The guitar I found is still at my home. Oh, it's Bunta's? OK, will you take it to him for me? I have a tendency to get lost, so I can't go outside by myself. I'll put it on for you. Thank you very much!
  • Oh! Did you take the guitar? Bunta was pretty happy, huh? That makes me happy too. Good thing it was found.
  • The second/third/fourth/fifth floor is over there.
  • Later!


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