Water Ski
Source Parts Shop
Game Description "Drive on Water. Sinks at stop. Need a propeller or Jet Turbine."

The Water Ski is the part that enables you to ski on water, you need to use them with the Propeller. If they are not used with the propeller, you will not ski on the water, after driving in you will ski on your momentum and then sink as you will have no drive, after hitting the ocean floor, you will drive on your wheels and pick up enough speed for the skis to work, but when you run out of momentum you will sink again, and the cycle starts over.

Trivia Edit

  • Mien water skis in front of Papaya Island before going to My City.
  • if you run out of fuel while water skiing, you do not slow down as much as you would on land, you will be able to drive at near-normal speed with no fuel. If you stop, however, you will slow to a snail's pace.This is probably as the game was designed to stop you sinking in water after running out of fuel. Continuing at this speed on land is probably a glitch.


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