White Mountain Policeman
City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car White/Black Nissan Primera MkI
Recruitable No

The White Mountain Policeman is the brother of a lighthouse owner named Picarl, and when you meet both of them, they will be happy and will thank you for checking up on each other.


  • Hello! As usual, I'm watching out for everyone's safety. That's why everybody can live without any worries. But...I have to look after the people of White Mountain and keep them safe. So, I can't leave. My little brother lives in a lighthouse. Lately I haven't heard from him and I'm worried. I know we just met, but if you have any spare time, would you mind checking on my brother for me? Can you do that for me?
  • (after you said "Of course, no problem!") Thank you very much! What a nice person you are. I'm very touched! My brother lives in the lighthouse located to the south east of Sandpolis.
  • (after you visited his brother) Oh! You went to visit my brother, right? Oh, thank you so much. What? He was so busy protecting the sea that he forgot to contact me? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Goodness! He worried me for nothing, but that's my brother! I am so proud of him. He works so hard for everybody's safety. I really appreciate your help. Finally I can look after the safety of White Mountain without personal worries. Please take this token of my gratitude. Thank you so much!!
  • Hey, how are you doing? As usual, I'm watching out for everyone's safety. I'm very proud of my job.


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