City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Grey/White 1998 Honda Integra
Recruitable No

Williams is a hungry car, like James, in Cloud Hill. He was weak and wanted something to eat. When you give him Shirley's rice ball, he gives you the Canary Recorder that Moisy wanted.


  • "Hi! My name is Williams. This is embarrassing... I'm hungry, I'm weak. Do you have something to eat? Anything! tummy! Oh! oooo!!! You have a delicious looking rice ball! Please! Give that to me!"
  • (after you agree to feed him) "Thank you! I'll eat this. (munch, munch, GULP!)! Phew, you saved me. This is the only way I can thank you. Please take my musical instrument. Thank you, it saved me."


  • Cars can't really "eat" things.


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