Wolf (Japanese: ウルフ Urufu Wolf) is a yellow Honda NSX who enjoys racing "that comes with a ferocious bite" (this is a bit of a lie, as he finishes in the spot a cameo racer would- 19th), he is also a recruitable car only in Peach Town. He calls himself a 'lone wolf'. He races in Mushroom Road's Oval Raceway.


  • (When first meeting him) Why am I called Wolf... That's 'cos I race with a ferocious bite... You like it?
  • (Before recruiting him) Why am I called Wolf? That's 'cos I race with the speed of a wolf! How about it - don't you want to switch me with one of your teammates?
  • (Declining his request) So let it be... I've always been a lone-rider, so let it be.
  • (Accepting his request) I used to be the lone-rider Wolf, but today I made friends. Tell the ex-member to take care.
  • (Whilst on the team) Yo, everyone seems surprised that I recently joined. Am I a team player? I feel well adjusted...
  • Alright, see you again.