Wonder Estate Agency
Wonder Estate Agency
City My City
Gender Male
Car Black 2001 Toyota Celsior
Recruitable No

The Wonder Realty Salesman is a salesman who occupies the Wonder Realty building. He is the one who gives you a garage in My City. No matter how you reply to him during your first conversation, you will end the conversation buying a city and a garage.


  • "Hey! Welcome! This is Wonder Estate Agency. The development of this city depends on us. Yes, that's the reality. Do you happen to be looking for a nice garage for yourself? Right now, we're giving the garage away for free! However, in return, we want you to advertise this city... if that works out for you. Do you want a garage?"
  • (after the protagonist chooses to have a garage) "Thank you!! I'm sure you'll like it. Let's go to the garage!"


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