City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Grey 1974 Toyota Crown Coupe

Yarg is the priest of the church in Nyaky. You can visit Yarg's Church on several occasions in order to pray to a God for certain options.

What the player can pray forEdit

Depending on the situation, you can pray for several different options at Yarg's Church with various outcomes. There is no guarantee that prayers will be answers, but there is a chance they may.

  • If you pray for winning, the player's chassis or tires may be repaired when they're worn out, by a God during a race in the Grand Prix. If it happens, the message window is displayed as Announcer but its color is green (the same as your teammate) and contains no image.
  • If you pray for a teammate to get better while they're in less than ideal condition, then, if the prayer is answered, they will be in tip-top condition next month. This is useful for getting teammates in the best condition possible before a Grand Prix.
  • If you pray for world peace, the player must pray a small amount of times before Yarg will give a player a "Peace Medal." This is necessary to complete an event.


  • "This is Yarg's Church. God is always watching over you."
  • "I am Father Yarg. Peace be with you."
  • "This is Yarg's Church. Open your heart and be joyful."
  • "Do you feel lost? We all do sometimes."
  • (If you chose to pray for world peace constantly) "You're always praying. Yes, I can tell. Your hope for peace is commendable. For your wonderful heart. I'll give you a Peace Medal."
  • (If you chose "There is no hope...") "Hey! What do you think this church is for?!"


  • If you select "There is no hope...", a red anime-esque crosshash will flash on him when he becomes surprised with anger. He is the only Choro-Q with this extra detail when talked to. Interestingly, other Choro-Qs do not have the crosshash when they become mad.


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