Yum-Yum (alternatively spelled as YumYum or Yumyum) (Japanese: ヤムヤム Yumyum) is a Choro-Q living in Cloud Hill, who owns the Devil Parts.

Reluctant as he is, he will, in fact, hand over the Devil Parts to the player after acquiring all 100 stamps. Although Yum-Yum plays a minor part affecting the storyline, he is a major character in terms of giving you the Devil Parts.


  • "Stamps!! Stamps!! Umm... I'm Yum-Yum! I believe in magic! You should believe too! Do you believe?"
  • (After the protagonist said "Yes") "Gosh!!! Awesome!!! This is for one who believes! For you! A heart that believes is for the whole world!! The round world! Stamps are the heart! Hearts are stamps! Come back when you get 100 stamps!"
  • "Stamps! Stamps! Huh?? Stamps! Huh? You? What rod is it? You don't believe!!! Go home, go home! (It looks like a stick? Don't ask...) You get stamps for being nice to others!!! Come back when you get 100 stamps!"
  • "Stamps! Stamps! Stamps! Huh?? I'm YumYum! Looking for stamps! Good and evil!!! Good hearts and bad hearts! It all depends on the heart! If you were strong and kind enough to get all the stamps, you have the ability to master these 4 parts! Tyres. Wheels. Engine. And the meter! I want you to use this well! Well then, see you!"
  • "Stamps! Stamps! Huh?? Stamps! Huh? You? Are you using the tyres well? Work hard! Well then, see you!"