City Poqui
Gender Female
Car Grey Subaru 360

Zamatch is the matchstick vendor, she wants to give people matches until Bidalt intimidated her and ran over her matches. You decide to make Bidalt leave her alone by racing him. After you beat Bidalt, Zamatch thanks you for saving her life and tells you she is bullied very often, she grants you a matchstick if you buy willingly. Zamatch said her matchsticks cost 50000G.

Quotes Edit

  • (As the player passes by) "Hello? Do you want matches? Good and warm matches?"
  • (As Bidalt hits her) "Ouch! Oh, what do I do? My matches!!"
  • Bidalt: "Huh?! Cut it out. Nobody uses matches these days. I'll do this!"
  • (After Bidalt ran over her matchsticks) "Oh, how terrible. My matches!! I'm a total burn-out." (suddenly the protagonist approaches)
  • (After Bidalt is defeated) "Umm, thank you very much. You saved me. I get picked on all the time. Why? I look so normal."
  • Protagonist: "Normal?"
  • "You saved me, but will you buy matches?"
  • (If you like to buy willingly) "Really!? What a great racer you are! 50000G per match."
  • Protagonist: "What!"
  • "...then 5000G is fine."
  • (If you like to buy willingly but don't have enough money) "Really!? What a great racer you are! 50000G per match."
    • Protagonist: "What!"
  • "...then 5000G is fine."
    •  Protagonist: "But I don't have that much."
  • "If you don't have money, don't say you'll buy one!! It was such a waste of time."
  • (If you like to buy reluctantly) "Oh! You're going to buy one. You feel sorry for me!! I don't want you to buy one if you feel that way!! Goodbye."


  • Zamatch is known in Japan as ザマッチ (Zamatchi), and named after the English words, The match (ザ・マッチ Za matchi).
  • Her characteristics are based on the Danish short story, The Little Match Girl.


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