City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Pear Yellow Daihatsu YRV

Zamelk is a resident of Poqui and one of the three Zamel brothers, all of whom are very poor. They live in the one house together, and take turns working at the Chocolate Factory next door, as they only have one set of tyres to use between them. Zamelk wishes there was a faster way to save up a large amount of money, so he could then buy 3 sets of tyres, allowing them to all drive outside at once and work together.

When you first meet his brothers, Zamelki and Zamelke, they are very worried about where he is, and ask if you can tell him to come back home. You will find Zamelk out in Poqui, nervously turning around on the spot, and you inform that his brothers are concerned for him. He then reveals he wished to earn more money, but has unfortunately wasted his work wage on purchasing 37 lottery tickets, lost out on all of them, and feels he now can't go back home. If you decide to donate him 3000G, he will be most grateful for this kind gesture. You make him promise not to tell anyone else about this exchange, and inform that he should go home. If you visit the Zamel brothers' house again, Zamelk will now be back home, and gives you the Rusted Slot Car in return for your gratitude towards him.


  • (When you recognize Zamelk) "Yes, how do you know?"
  • Protagonist: "Your big brother told me to tell you to come home."
  • (After being told that his brothers want him to come back home) "Oh no!! I thought of earning more money. So I got lottery tickets but I lost all of them. I'm supposed to take money home. I can't go home now."
  • (If you refuse to give him money) Protagonist: "Your brothers are worried, so just go home for now. See you"
  • (If you give him 3000G) "Really? Can I really keep it? ......Thank you."
  • Protagonist: "Don't tell anyone about this. Go home now."
  • "Alright!!"
  • (When you visit Zamelk back at his home) "Oh! How are you? Thank you for the other day. Wait a second. Would you take this? It looks old, but it's my treasure."
  • Protagonist: "You don't have to do this. Isn't it something--"
  • "That's why I'm giving this."
  • Protagonist: "Thank you. I'll treasure it."
  • (If you visit their house when Zamelk is home on a normal occasion) "I want to save more money and buy 3 sets of tires. Is there any faster way to earn money?"
  • (If you visit their house when Zamelk is home on a normal occasion) "I'm house–sitting today. By the way, don’t we have a lottery now? If I won, we wouldn’t have to be poor anymore..." *sigh*


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