City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Ruby Red Daihatsu YRV

Zamelki is a resident of Poqui and one of the three Zamel brothers, all of whom are very poor. They live in the one house together, and take turns working at the Chocolate Factory next door, as they only have one set of tyres to use between them. Zamelki wishes he had a talent for racing, so he could win large amounts of prize money, and give the three of them an easier life.

When you first meet Zamelki, he is confused and assumes you are there to sell things they cannot afford in life, such as cable television or even the local newspaper. When he at last understands you are only there to help, he reveals they are worried about Zamelk not yet returning, and asks if you can tell him to come back home. Once you do find Zamelk and inform of his brothers' concern, he will then be back at the Zamel brothers' house when you visit there again.

After further in-game months have passed and you speak to Zamelki again, he will be in a great panic as there has been an accident at the Chocolate Factory involving Zamelke, who has become stuck on one of the factory's pressure rods. He asks if you can go and rescue him, and once you do so, all three Zamel brothers will celebrate together for you at the house.


  • (When you meet Zamelki along with Zamelke when Zamelk is missing) "What's wrong? Hello. We're renting so we don't have cable. Costs too much."
  • Protagonist: "No, I'm not here for..."
  • "Oh! The newspaper... We need money to buy food. So we can't buy newspaper."
  • Protagonist: "No, you have a wrong idea!"
  • "Alright, we only have a single set of tyres. So only one of us can go outside. We take turns and go work at the factory next door. If you see Zamelk, will you tell him to come home fast? We're brothers, so he looks like us with a different colour."
  • (When Zamelki hears of the accident at the Chocolate Factory involving Zamelke) "Oh no!! Excuse me! I don't know what to do!! My brother! My brother! I heard there was an accident at the Chocolate Factory. My brother is stuck fast on the pressure rod. I can't go there because I don't have tyres. Can you go there for me?"
  • (If you agree to save Zamelke) "Thank you. I'm counting on you!"
  • (All three Zamel brothers celebrating together for you saving Zamelke's life) "Hip hip hooray!"
  • (If you visit their house when Zamelki is home on a normal occasion) "How are you? My little brother went out, so I'm house–sitting."
  • (If you visit their house when Zamelki is home on a normal occasion) "I wish I had a talent for racing. Then I can win and win, and give my brothers an easier life."


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