City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Green Fiat 500

Zastop is the second brother and tramp, he begs you for some spare change. If you decline, he'll do a yoga jump or do some magic. He also appears near the Goltica's Chocolate Factory slums to get 100G from you.

Quotes Edit

  • "Give us..."
  • "Give us some money!"
  • "Hey, please give me some money!"
  • (about to show magic) I can show you some magic!"
  • (about to show you a yoga jump) "I can show you how to do a yoga jump!" (jumps at a really tall height) "Yoga! Impressive, huh?"
  • "Oh thank you very much!"
  • "Than."
  • (along with Zastopi and Zastope) "Thank you!"


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