City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Lime Green Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40)

Zeltaf is an inventor that Barat recommends the player to visit. He will give the player an experimental progressive charger which significantly increases horsepower and suggests the player tries it out for him as a test. Once outside however, the device malfunctions and goes out of control, causing the player to lose control over the brakes. It's here where the player mustn't crash into anything until Zeltaf can deactivate the device from his house. Once the player survives the experiment and returns to Zeltaf, he will give the player an S Charger Kit.

Returning to Zeltaf after the experiment gives the player the option to talk with him or do his Part-Time job. Talking with him, he can randomly give the player an assortment of items, and his part-time job involves regulating two values on a Choro-Q body. He is secretly Kaleri's friend.

Quotes Edit

  • "Umm, ahh, how are you? If you want, I can adjust your machine. No thanks? You don't have to be so shy"
  • (When asking for a Part-Time job) "A part-time job? Good timing."
  • "I'm busy, so I'll be taking data in another room."
  • "Make adjustments to the boiler and the voltage."
  • "Tell me when you're done. I'll pay you"
  • (If the player decided to "Listen to Zeltaf") "Umm, ahh, how are you?"
  • (If he has an item) "I found this junk today. You can have it. Here."

Trivia Edit

  • He appears after the Grand Prix with Otto, congratulating the player.


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