City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Green Pumpkin Carriage
Recruitable Yes

Zeron (Japanese: ゼロン Zeron) is a pumpkin carriage in Cloud Hill. He stated that the air looks thin and his head feels heavy which this is a sort of joke to a pumpkin.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ho ho. I'm Zeron. Is the air a bit thin here? My head feels heavy."
  • (if the player is president, before recruiting him) "Ho ho. Hello. You must be the President. That's excellent! Will you add me to your team replacing your current teammate?"
  • (if the player is president, declining his request) "Oh, too bad. Come and talk to me if you change your mind!"
  • (if the player is president, accepting his request) "Good. Thank you. I'm glad to be on your team. I'll work hard in place of your previous teammate."
  • (if the player is president, whilst on your team) "Ho ho. Hello. I look forward to your next race. Look forward to mine too."


  • Zeron can end up doing worse than the worst racer in races. Probably something to do with the pumpkin.


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